Raphael.js apply transform matrix before raphael.export.js

I am using the following code to add a svg converterted with rappar and node.js

paper.add([{"type":"ellipse","fill":"#858AB5","stroke":"none","cx":241,"cy":241,"rx":243,"ry":243},{"type":"text","fill":"#FFFFFF","stroke":"none","transform":"t87.1509,235.2886s0.9997,1,0,0","font-family":"Impact","font-size":54.0116,"text-anchor":"start","text":"Darma Greg"}]);

The problem comes when i go to save it, it saves but without applying the transform. The text is not in the position it was when you clicked save.

What am i missing? Is there a way to "apply" the transform, ive tried lot of examples but documentation on Raphael is lacking.


Sooo after a week of debugging this, and thinking it was my code. It turned out to be the anchor:left set on the text node. My designer remade the svg set anchor middle, and everything seems to be working fine.

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