WKhtmltoimage --scale-w not working

I'm trying to create thumbnail from url with WKhtmltoImage by executing this command :

wkhtmltoimage --scale 200 http://google.com google.jpg

but return this error :

Unknown long argument --scale-w

the version of my wkhtmltoimage is :

wkhtmltoimage 0.11.0 rc2

any suggestion please.


Use the zoom option. The following example is running under 0.11.0 rc2:

wkhtmltoimage --zoom 0.2 http://abt.net abt.png

To generate thumbnails, we can use --height and --width option combined with --zoom option.

This works to generate a thumbnail say for example a image size of 300x300:

wkhtmltoimage --zoom 0.2 --height 300 --width 300 http://www.bbc.com bbc.jpg

wkhtmltoimage version

This generate a gray background and doesn't reduce the actual size of the file:

wkhtmltoimage --zoom 0.2 http://abt.net abt.png

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