how to insert array without key to mysql?

I have array

    [0] => john
    [1] => melinda

And have database table


How I can insert the name into my database using php?

I can do using looping on mysql_query, but it not good for my resource.

the code I made now is

foreach( $data as $row ) {
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO badwords (word) VALUES('".$row."')");

it work but I think there is another simple way.

Thank you


You can do a batch insert instead of looping if you'd like.

"INSERT INTO badwords (word) VALUES ('".implode( "'),('", $data)."')";

Not tested, But this should produce something like

"INSERT INTO badwords (word) VALUES ('john'),('melinda')

you can try batch insert:

$queryValues = '';
foreach ($data as $row)
    $queryValues .= (($queryValues!='')?',':'').'(\''.mysql_escape_string($row).'\')';
if ($queryValues)
    mysql_query('INSERT INTO badwords (word) VALUES' . $queryValues);

NOTE: do not use mysql, use mysqli or pdo extensions

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