Cassandra-Django python application approach

i am working on developing a Django application with Cassandra as the back end database. while Django supports ORM feature for SQL, i wonder if there is any thing similar for Cassandra. what would be the best approach to load the schema into the Cassandra server and perform CRUD operations. P.S. I am complete beginner to Cassandra.


There's an external backend for Cassandra, but it has some issues with the authentication middleware, which doesn't handle users correctly in the admin. If you use a non-relational database, you lose a lot of goodies that django has. You could try using Postgres' nosql extension for the parts of your data that you want to store in a nosql'y way, and the regular Postgres' tables for the rest.

I initially started out with the same question, but as raphonic points out, Postgres is well supported by Django and Postgres actually can be used both relationally and as a NoSQL database, with comparable performance to bespoke systems (WARNING: PDF) like Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, etc.

For those that are interested in doing this, you should look into using postgres with hstore (and possibly indexing with GIN or GiST), or postgres with JSON (XML is also an option if you hate yourself).

In the end, unless you're doing something that really fits/requires the use case of the new and sexy databases mentioned above, you can almost certainly use Postgres and not lose many of it's great features.

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