How to add shebang #! with php script on linux?

I'm having a little issue with adding shebang #! with my php script on RedHat linux. I have a small piece of test code with shebang added (I've tried different variations as well), but I get the following error message everytime I try to run the script.

Error msg:

-bash: script.php: command not found

Test script:

#!/bin/env php    
<?php echo "test"; ?>

Shebang #! variations:

#!/usr/bin/env php


It should (for most systems) be #!/usr/bin/env php, but your error isn't related to that.

-bash: script.php: command not found

It says that script.php is not found.

If the problem was the shebang line then the error would say something like:

bash: script.php: /usr/env: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

Presumably, you are typing script.php and the file is not in a directory on your $PATH or is not executable.

  1. Make it executable: chmod +x script.php.
  2. Type the path to it instead of just the filename, if it is in the current directory then: ./script.php.

Instead of 2, you can move/copy/symlink the file to somewhere listed in $PATH or modify the $PATH to include the directory containing the script.

If you script is not located in your /usr/local/bin and is executable, you have to prefix calling your script with php like this:

php myscrip.php

For shebangs, here is what I use:

Like this:


or this:

#!/usr/bin/env php

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