How to set up custom domain for an app on Amazon EC2?

I am new in the Amazon EC2 world, I just created an app, that is located URL like this:

This is generated URL by Amazon EC2.

Now I would need to use my own domain name, so when I would access, I would like to see the content from

I bought the domain name on Godaddy. Is there any way to do this in Amazon AWS dashboard or do I need to set it up in Godaddy system?



I am answering on a more general level because I stumbled upon this thread when setting my custom domain.

In Amazon I created an instance and associated an IP to that instance. You were able to access it by typing in the amazon url

I actually used Media Temple not GoDaddy, but it will be similar. I went to the zone file and added that public url to the www

And as you can see, here is my blog actually working on the custom domain.

I set the wildcard because that way, no matter what someone types, if it is not set, then they will still see the site.


For the root URL you should be entering your elastic IP and setting that as an A record.

First you need to set an ElasticIP for associated to that instance.

Then point the DNS entry of "www" for "" to the IP assigned in the step above.

Where you manage your DNS is another thing, can be in GoDaddy or in AWS Route53. You must adjust the delegation DNS in the "" register. Ex: your domain can be registered with GoDaddy but its delegation DNS point to Route53 so you can manage the domain from your AWS Console.

In order to setup DNS mapping you can map the existing IP to ex:

However, as you are running tomcat which is running at 8080 you need to forward the the request to the tomcat using Apache. So that you can visit without port 8080. If you are using linux box install Apache, apache-modjk and then configure sites.

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