UnityRegistry.Scan vs. UnityContainer.RegisterTypes

I have an application that uses Unity. In one area of the application, the code scans the assembly to register the types (auto-registration) using this code:

public class CommonRegistry : UnityRegistry
    public CommonRegistry()
        const StringComparison strCmp = StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase;

        Register<ITenantStore, TenantStore>();

        Scan(scanner =>
            scanner.AssembliesInBaseDirectory(asm => asm.GetName().Name.StartsWith(@"Infrastructure", strCmp));

The above code uses the UnityRegistry class of the UnityConfiguration assembly.

But in the Unity documentation, the example shows this code:

unityContainer.RegisterTypes(AllClasses.FromLoadedAssemblies(), ...

What is the difference between the two?


I think its same with here. register dependency Unity the difference is the UnityRegistry is for lower versions. while the other one is for 3.5 up. but both are to register dependencies.

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