Download angular-ui

It appears the makers of angular-ui are hell bent on leading everyone on a merry dance to discover the most relevant place to download their js files from.

  • First I had a look on the angular ui web site. No obvious download link
  • Then I went to the git hub, suggested using something called Bower?
  • Then I noticed there was a download link from the individual component link for validate. This results in a 404
  • Then I found this question at last an actual download link! Oh no, two broken fiddles included in the answer! (Had to remove fiddles as "it must be accompanied by code" groan)
  • Eventually the last fiddle in that question included a link that worked.

this links to Now I don't know if a) this is a legitimate mirror, b) this is the latest version.

So where on earth are you supposed to download this js file from? What is the official download link or do I need to use this Bower thing?

I guess they have obfuscated this process to stop people using them as a CDN but in the process they've made this considerably more complex than it needs to be.


cdnjs has an outdated version!

Looking here : , I found this:

DISCONTINUED REPO: This project has been restructured ->

The last version of angular-ui was 0.4 , but now it's discontinued.

They've just decided to break it down to separated modules ( which is great ).

I recommend using bower to install the modules you want, but you can also clone the repos.

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