Error on building source code in VC 6

When I build my project in VC6, BSCMAKE reports the following error

Creating library ../../PB/bin/Debug/ICReplay.lib and object ../../PB/bin/Debug/ICReplay.exp        
Creating browse info file...    
BSCMAKE: error BK1505 : cannot read from file '../../PB/bin/TmpOut/ICReplay/Debug/ICReplay_PB.bsc'    
Error executing bscmake.exe.

Can someone please help me?


There may be 2 reasons as per reference from :

"ICReplay_PB.bsc" file will be corrupted

File truncation will be happening to the compiler running out of disk space or being interrupted while creating the .sbr file

I guess this answer will help you!

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