VisualSVN Server Post commit hook a specific path

How to do a post commit hook checkout a particular svn path checked in.

Right now I am only able to checkout when any file in the repository path is committed. But how to add filter to check only the particular path(/Mobile/Node/trunk) in the repository is committed.

Do I need to do the filter in pre-commit hook?


I found the solution in the below link and it worked. Why is my post-commit hook conditional statement not working when I check to see if a particular branch was committed?

svnlook dirs-changed %1 -r %2 | findstr /b /i "branches/dev"

    pushd <path-to-working-copy>
    svn update --username <repo-username> --password <repo-password>

in the place of "branches/dev". I replaced with my path "/Mobile/Node/trunk"

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