Html.ActionLink erroneously picks up the current RouteValues

So I have a Route (e.g. ~/Help/FAQ). Now, if I am on any page other than the FAQ, Html.ActionLink works as I would expect.

@Html.ActionLink("FAQ", "FAQ", "Help", routeValues:=Nothing, htmlAttributes:=Nothing)

But if the current browser URL is the FAQ page with the id route attribute specified,, then the ActionLink above picks up the current routeVaues and renders the link with the 56832 attached - even though I am specifically telling the ActionLink that I do not want any routeValues to be rendered.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


You are not doing anything wrong, ASP.NET MVC implicitly uses the current route values in HTML helpers. You will have to overwrite them:

In C#:

@Html.ActionLink("FAQ", "FAQ", "Help", new { id = null }, null)


@Html.ActionLink("FAQ", "FAQ", Help", routeValues:= New With {.id = Nothing}, htmlAttributes:=Nothing)

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