How to compile multiple class files in Java on LINUX shell?

Hello I am on campus trying to compile a simple binary tree program .. our campus only has shell and I am using Linux over eclipse..

I have 2 class files in my current directory and


this code creates multiple classes but what is my next step? ive searched everywhere theres not a lot of info on java Linux shell. thank you


If all of the java files you need to compile are in your directory you can

javac *.java 

And then

java NameOfClassWithMainMethod

Otherwise if you want to learn to work without an IDE I would suggest learning to use Maven or Gradle. They will abstract away a lot of the tedium of compiling a project, and if become a pro dev you'll need to know at least Maven anyway.

$ find -name "*.java" > sources.txt
$ javac @sources.txt

You might look at

When you run javac you should get several .class files as a result. Is your problem really with running the javac or getting the resultant classes to run your program?

If so you may want to look here at another stackoverflow questin

Basically use java -cp classname for the class that has your "static Main()" in it

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