Retrieve a row from DB as a Map in Hibernate

Table Players:

ID | name  | email | age | ...
1  | 'bob' | null  | 23  | ...

This table is where instances of class Player are persisted (one row per instance, no composition etc.).

Having a Hibernate Session, how do I get the row (say with id - the PK - equal to 1) as a Java Map (key = column name, value = cell value) ?

Example usage:

Map<String,String> row = getPlayerByIdAsMap(1);


Use a query with AliasToEntityMapResultTransformer; is verbose but should works with Hibernate property definition and not with JavaBean definition (they can differ).

Map<String,Object> aliasToValueMap = 
        // Add others properties

A worse approch can be write a custom ResultTransformer that introspect ClassMetadata and try to extract values...

class IntrospectClassMetadata extends BasicTransformerAdapter {
  PassThroughResultTransformer rt = PassThroughResultTransformer.INSTANCE;
  public Object transformTuple(Object[] tuple, String[] aliases) {
    final Object o = rt.transformTuple(tuple, aliases);
    ClassMetadata cm = sf.getClassMetadata(o.getClass());
    List<String> pns = new ArrayList<String>(Arrays.asList(cm.getPropertyNames()));
    Map<String, Object> m = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    for(String pn : pns) {
      m.put(pn, cm.getPropertyValue(o, pn));
    m.put(cm.getIdentifierPropertyName(), cm.getIdentifier(o));
    return m;

and use

Map<String,Object> aliasToValueMap = 
          .setResultTransformer(new IntrospectClassMetadata())

Last chance:

Map<String,Object> map = (Map<String,Object>)s.createSQLQuery("select * from user where id = :id")

but this doesn't map list,bags and other mapped object, but only raw column names and values...

You can use HQL and do a query for selecting the result as a new Map

select new Map( as ID, as name, as email, p.age as age)
from Player p

It will return you a collection of maps, being each one of the maps a row in the query result.

You can use BeanUtils and do something like this:

User user = (User) session.get(User.class, userID);
Map map = BeanUtils.describe(user);

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