How do you read the Railo documentation?

I was reading Ben Nadel's post about the isnull function and my initial thought was "wait: there's an isnull function in ColdFusion? I didn't know that! I wonder if there's one in Railo?" So I typed:

railo isnull

into google and this was the first link. In fact, a lot of my Railo searches have been to similar pages, so apparently this is something that I'm supposed to be able to read and understand. Here's my question:

Q: How do you read the Railo documentation?

I'm used to seeing words written out in sentence format like Ben's post. I mean: I can see that a lot of work went into this page, so I should try to squeeze some kind of meaning out of it... When I see for example:

Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object equals, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Does that mean anything to an applications programmer like myself, or is that a kind of internal documentation? I followed the link to the actual source code, but that's almost too much information.

Maybe I've identified a need.


You read the Railo Javadoc API the same way you read any Javadoc API. (Though as you note this is more internal documentation and most CFML developers wont need to.)

If you want Railo's CFML documentation for isNull, you visit instead.

I don't know why Google isn't capable of finding the correct pages. :/

For the benefit of Google I'll also throw in these other links to the isNull documentation: and - they all display the same content (which may be a factor in why they're not ranked properly), so if someone reminds me later I'll bug Mark about getting the URLs canonicalised.

Railo does have isNull()

  • It works on variables that are not strings
  • It works on strings

In my experience, Railo 4.2 more or less supports CFML at the same level as ColdFusion 10. It is always useful to test. I agree that as of early 2014, Railo's documentation is lacking a certain clarity.

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