UIScrollView scrolls when clicking "Back" button in UINavigationBar

I have a UIViewController with a paged UIScrollView (3 pages). My View always starts at the second page, the middle one. The problem is that when I hit the back button in the UINavigationBar, the UIScrollView scrolls to the first page, and after that it disappears (popped from Nav Controller's stack). The visible animation behaviour is horrible.

I want the UIScrollView not to scroll when I hit the BACK button in the UINavigationBar.

The same happens when I drag the left side of the screen to the right (triggers the BACK behaviour).


With some good debugging I noticed out that the scroll view wasn't scrolling during the "Back" transition. It was just part of the left pages that were visible during the transition.

So with a simple [scrollView clipsToBounds] the problem was solved :).

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