Get Content Type of Request

To find the incoming content type, docs say:

 request.headers["Content-Type"] # => "text/plain"

But I found by trial-and-error, that doesn't work, but this does:


So what's the most robust+portable way to do it?


I would usually go for request.format and request.content_type for reading these header fields.

EDIT: found a bit more on this that might help:

You don't need to parse the content_type string, Rails has already done this for you. Just check:

request.format.symbol == :json

Another way of writing it:


No need to call #symbol since equals is overloaded:

request.format == :json

request.format == 'application/json'

For me the best way to check if incoming request is a json was:

    if request.content_type =~ /json/

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