How to make SWTableViewCell swipe more sticky

I've implemented the SWTableViewCell code in order to allow side swipes to reveal more UI, such as buttons.

Which is working fine, except that the UIScrollview it subclasses is really just too touchy, flicking back and forth like a manic game of ping pong.

I went to make changes to the class, but realised UIScrollView didn't seem to give me the ability to say change the way the scrolling animations work in the way I wanted.

Leaving me thinking that I either need to create my own version of the a Swipe cell, with a pan gesture and a overlay view, instead of a scrollview or find someone who has already solved this problem.


Please check it out sample:

May be it will helpful to you, Sir


Not sure if this will give you the effect you desire, but you can make it less "jumpy" by altering the decelerationRate. Try:

someScrollView.decelerationRate = UIScrollViewDecelerationRateFast;

If that's the right idea, you can jump-to-definition in Xcode, and checkout the float value, then try your own.

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