Reassigning GitHub account on Mac through BASH terminal

I have a Mac with a bash terminal, Vagrant, and had it set up with a GitHub account that was associated with a programming company/class and now that I'm not longer a part of that, I need to switch my username and password to a new github account. I don't need to reload the existing repository, and I already made a new one under a different account, but I can't push anything until I get my new password added. I don't know the commands for putting in my password. I followed this:

But it doesn't tell me how to set up my password. Also, the way it was set up before, I just had to do git add, git commit -m"", and git push origin master to push files into a repository. I think I might have a password manager or something like that installed but I'm not sure how to go about changing that. I can't add the new repository until I get the password set up.


It sounds like what you want to do is connect your Mac to a different github account. If this is the case, you'd simply delete your SSH key from your old company/class from your "old" github account and upload your SSH key on your Mac to your other github account.

Once you do that, everything else should Just Work.™

You may also need to change some of the settings in your ~/.gitconfig file, as that is where your username and email address is stored at a global level.

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