Eclipse Maven Build Issue: Failed to compile input schema(s)!

I seem to be having a maven issue with my eclipse. I have eclipse plugin m2e and Egit in my Juno eclipse version and they are up to date. And BTW it does compile fine in eclipse and DOS mvn - but eclipse is still registering the issue.

The pom.xml section in question

      <execution>           //This is being highlighted as an error
                  <!-- <include>a.xsd b.xsd c.xsd</include> -->

But I'm getting a problem that says:

Failed to compile input schema(s)! Error messages should have been provided.
(org.jvnet.jaxb2.maven2:maven-jaxb2-plugin:0.8.3:generate:generate-sources:generate-sources)    pom.xml /myProj line 56 Maven Build Problem

That's all I'm getting - just a RED annoying problem, highlighted annotations in the explorers and a squiggly line in the pom file. No schema is marked or anything else. I know its not stopping me from working and running maven but why is Eclipse and/or m2e doing this?

Thanks, Kevin

EDIT: file

PUBLIC "urn:com:myCom:myProj:model" "a.xsd"
PUBLIC "urn:com:myCom:myProj:operations" "b.xsd"
PUBLIC "urn:com:myCom:myProj:class" "c.xsd"

There's nothing much to it.


OK - Resolved this. Appears that m2e has some connector some issues. Found this link that is the google code site for the m2e-jaxb2-connectors from eclipse labs.

Added this to the 'Install New Software' area and this issue and others (other people had continual building) all went away. I guess this is a must-have plug-in for jaxb developers.


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