Shoulda on Rails - should render_with_layout deferred

I would appreciate if someone could help/explain the following please.

I am trying to test a controller with shoulda to see if a correct layout is used.

The method should_render_with_layout throws a NoMethodError whilst should render_with_layout passes but says the function is deferred.

Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks Matt


and thanks to tsdbrown for your response. I am running shoulda 2.10.2. I have manage to resolve the problem. I had not initiated a get request, but after adding get request to setup the below test is now passing. Thanks for help.

 context "getting index" do
   setup do
     get :index

   should_respond_with :success
   should_render_with_layout :admin
   should_render_template :index
   should_assign_to :venue, :class => Venue

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