PHP - How to get images from directory, separate them into pages

I'm trying to get images from a folder and show them in a single page.

foreach(glob('images/*.*') as $singleImg){
    echo '<li><img src="'.$singleImg.'" /></li>';

but there are hundreds of them.

Is there a way to show them in groups using PHP, JQuery or just Java?

I have 100, and I want to show 20, then click a link/button/scroll to show 20 more. Instead of showing them all at the same time?


Sure, there are multiple ways of doing it. You could use an Ajax call to get the next/previous 20 images, or keep track of which set of images you are on with a hidden field and post that to the server when the next/previous button is clicked.

The thing you want to AVOID is loading all of them at one time.

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