Unencode a list in javascript

Is there a way to convert escape codes back into the characters they represent in javascript? I am passing a list to a javascript file, and when I look at the source, instead of this

['/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b', etc]

I am seeing this

['/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b', etc]

I need the actual single quotes themselves for a jquery autocomplete call, so is there a way to convert back? I am passing the list to the javascript from a python/flask backend

return render_template('main_page.html', job_names = id_by_job.keys())

So in the javascript file, I am doing something like

$("#job_names").autocomplete({source : {{job_names}}});


Values interpolated into templates are always escaped for safe inclusion; that includes replacing quotes with HTML entities.

You want to convert your list to JSON here instead using the tojson filter, and mark the result as safe:

$("#job_names").autocomplete({source : {{ job_names|tojson_safe }}});

JSON is a subset of JavaScript; the result is directly readable as JavaScript, guaranteed to be properly escaped.

a neat trick is to use a temporary option:

var o=new Option();
o.innerHTML="'/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b', etc"
alert(o.innerHTML); // shows: "'/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b', etc"

you can also use a RegExp replace with a function callback:

"'/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b', etc".replace(/&#(\d+);/g,
     return String.fromCharCode(a)
  }); // == "'/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b', etc"

EDIT: i realized you probably want to handle arrays, and [].map() makes it easy to apply the above to an array:

['/path/to/job/a', '/path/to/job/b']
 .map(function(a){ return a.replace(/&#(\d+);/g, function(j,a){
      return String.fromCharCode(a)
}); // == ["/path/to/job/a", "/path/to/job/b"]

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