How to load ScrollView with PFImageView

Does anyone know how to load images (plural) inside a ScrollView using PFImageView.. I manage to load only 1 image but can't make a the next PFImageview.

Remember these images are being downloaded by and the objects have been passed through a cell segue to a DetailView.

The code to load images in a PFImageView is:

    look1.file = bellezaView.image_1;
    [look1 loadInBackground];

That is one image, how would I load the next one?

I'd really appreciate any help.. Have been stuck at this for a week already! Thanks!


You can use UICollectionView for this. Here is a thorough tutorial:

Another option is to use UIPageViewController, where each photo is in its own page. I use this for a photo browser in one of my apps. Here is a nice tutorial for it:

You can also try a library called iCarousel:

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