Join two collections, taking the value from second collection (left outer join)

Say I have two List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> a and b where a =

"one", "N",
"two", "N",
"three", "N"

and b =

"one", "Y"
"two", "N"

I want to do a left outer join, but take the value from b for the Value if there is an entry in b, so the result should be =

"one", "Y" <- this value is taken from b
"two", "N",
"three", "N"

I've tried doing a normal left outer join, but the result for the Value of "three" is always a blank string

    var res = (from l in a
              join r in b on l.Key equals r.Key into lrs
              from lr in lrs.DefaultIfEmpty()
              select new KeyValuePair<string, string>(l.Key, lr.Value)).ToArray();


This should work too:

var res = (from p in b.Concat(a)
           group p by p.Key into g
           select g.First()).ToArray();

Or in fluent syntax:

var res = b.Concat(a).GroupBy(p => p.Key, (k, g) => g.First()).ToArray();

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