Outputting mac address as standard format in mysql

After reading some research, I understand that mac addresses stored in mysql should be stored as BIG INT. Is there an easy way to output the mac's in the standard hex form: ab:23:a4:23:54:33 when using a SELECT statement?

I know I can use hex() to convert format to hexadecimal, but i'd like the full 6 bytes and colons. thanks.

Something like:

SELECT hex(macAddress) from <table>;


if you have your macAddress stored as a string you can use the following text conversion.

    mac, concat(left(mac,2), ":",substring(mac,3,2), ":" , substring(mac,5,2),
     ":",substring(mac,7,2), ":",substring(mac,9,2), ":", 
    right(mac,2)) as mac_colons 
FROM mac_table;

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