How to emulate mouse/keyboard events in a unfocused/minimized window?

I am trying to do some automation with Python, but I want to execute it and still being able to use my machine freely. So I am using PyWin32 to emulate some clicks and typing but it only works if I run the script while the window is open and focused.

There is a way to make my script only focus on a window, and still be able to click on that window without taking control over the mouse, even if the window is not focused (if it works when is minimized, is best!)?


i do not know the PyWin32 package but from a win32 api point of view the thing should be easy. get a HWND of that window and post (PostMessage) the events you want to the window.


look at the win32 help how to set the wParam & lParam data for the specific events.

i controlled diablo 3 this way for example ;)

Edit: there is no need to be in focus or maximized for this

Edit Edit: may be you should look after autoit, a widely used scrip language for window automation. I never used it but read the name very often in this context. it may also be usable from python.

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