Webdriver(Selenium2) - How to make selenium operate elements without wating for connecting to external AD links?

Environment: - Selenium 2.39 Standalone Server - PHP 5.4.11 - PHPUnit 3.7.28 - Chrome V31 & ChromeDriver v2.7

I'm testing a website,which invokes a lot of Advertisement Systems,such as Google AD. The browser takes a lot of time to connect to external AD links , even all the elements of the page has already been loaded.

If my internet network was not fast when I ran my tests on a webpage, Selenium would wait for a very long time ,since the AD links responsed slowly. Under this condition ,Selenium usually waits for over 60 seconds, and throws a timeout exception.

I'm not sure how Senelium works, but it seems that Selenium has to wait for a sign of webpage's full loading, then pulls the DOM to find elements.

I want to make selenium operate elements without waiting for connectiong to external AD links. Is there a way to do that ? Thank you very much.


I would suggest that you could make use of a proxy. Browsermob integrates well with selenium, very easy to use it:

// start the proxy
ProxyServer server = new ProxyServer(4444);

// get the Selenium proxy object
Proxy proxy = server.seleniumProxy();

// This line will automatically return http.200 for any request going to google analytics
server.blacklistRequests("https?://.*\\.google-analytics\\.com/.*", 200);

// configure it as a desired capability
DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
capabilities.setCapability(CapabilityType.PROXY, proxy);

// start the browser up
WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(capabilities);

I'm not sure how Senelium works, but it seems that Selenium has to wait for a sign of webpage's full loading, then pulls the DOM to find elements.

It is pretty much like this. The default loading strategy is "NORMAL" which means:

NORMAL of type DOMString The remote end MUST wait until the "document.readyState" of the frame currently handling commands equals "complete", or there are no more outstanding network requests other than XMLHttpRequests.

I finally found a simple solution for my condition.

I decide to block these Ad requests and tried some firewall and proxy softwares,for example, comodo,privatefirewall, etc. comodo is too heavy and complex ,privatefirewall doesn't support wildcards, and firewall would interrupt tests. At last I choosed a proxy software CCproxy. Trial Version is enough. I create a rule for localhost ,to make it can request my test website domain only, and all other requests are rejected.

Running a test costs about 1-2 minutes before and only 30 seconds now ,it's apparently more stable and fast without connecting to the useless Ad links.

Here're configuration steps: 1.launch CCproxy with Administor privilege( you should set it using Adminisrator in the file property) 2.click Options, select AutoStartup,select AutoDetected for Local IP Address. click OK. 3.create a txt file ,input your domains,like " *.rong360.com*;*.rong360.*; " 4.click Account, select PermitOnly for Permit Category; click New, input for IP Address/Range; select WebFilter,click the E button at right side to create a filter; click the ... button,select the text file you create at Step3, select PermittedSites. click OK click OK. 5.click OK to return to the main UI of CCproxy. 6.launch IE and config the local proxy with other browsers will use this config automatically too.

now you can run the tests again , you'll feel better if have same condition :)

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