Can't find self written script

I have a very strange problem here on a Mac with OS X 10.9.2 Some time ago I have written a script (called "whilerub") and placed it somewhere to execute from every directory in my system. So no matter where I am I can always run the script and it works Now I would like to change something but I can't find it. What I tried so far:

sudo which whilerub
sudo find / -name "*whilerub*"
sudo locate "whilerub"

and I checked every directory in my PATH Variable with for example /opt/local/bin/whi and then TAB to complete

It is also not on a externel device or in the network since it runs without network connection too.

Any idea?


Could it be that you have defined an alias instead of a script?

Defining an alias

# alias r='cd ..'

And trying to find it with which

# which r

won't find it:

# no r in (/usr/local/bin:/ .....)

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