How to get a specific ID from URL in php webdriver selenium?

I was wondering how I would get a specific ID from an URL. ( If something like this is possible )

For example:

 // You are here:
 // Saving new certificate 
 $search11 = $this->webDriver->findElement(WebDriverBy::id('certificate_save'));

 // You are here:
 // Here I need to get the ID so I can go to the next page

 // You are here:

Basically I need the number after the /certificate/ Any suggestions? If something isn't clear feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


You can get the url from the Driver object and extract the id from that, something like this:

string url = Driver.Url;
string[] parts = url.Split(new string[] { "/" }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
int id = int.Parse(parts[3]);

EDIT: Sorry just seen you are using php, my code was in c#, the same logic can be used for php as well

$url = $driver->getCurrentURL();
$parts = explode('/', $url);
$id = $parts[4];

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