does redirecting a page divides a page's reputation for SEO

I have a form and I want to submit it to a url '/finalResult-{filteredSlug}'. But as the slug part is based on user input, I want to process this slug first and then finally go to '/finalResult-{filteredSlug}'.

So, to do that, what I can think of is, that I first submit it to a url '/finalResult-{slug}', edit the form input and then I redirect to my desired page, '/finalResult-{filteredSlug}'.

I want to do this because I want my URL to be SEO friendly(not just some abstract user input). So, from the perspective of SEO, will this divide the reputation of my desired page '/finalResult-{filteredSlug}' page between '/finalResult-{slug}' and '/finalResult-{filteredSlug}'?


I figured out a way. I used 'onsubmit' attribute of form to call a function. In that function, I filtered the input and then changed the 'action' attribute(in the function itself) using the filtered input.

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