Date format from database gets wrong date in

I'm taking in data from a SQL database and now I'm trying to convert the data to a proper date variable in VB.NET but I don't get the proper format.

Data from the database:

28-FEB-14 01:00:00:0
28-FEB-14 13:00:00:0

The date I get when trying to convert it:

2028-02-14 12:00:00

The code that is doing the conversion:

    Dim theDate As DateTime
    Dim try1 As Date

    For i As Integer = 0 To batchCount - 1
        If Date.TryParse(dv(i)(0), theDate) = True Then
            try1 = theDate.ToUniversalTime()
        End If

Would appreciate all the help I can get.


Firstly, date values in your database should be date types, so when you read them in, you read them into a Date type variable.

If you then want to format that date you can use a ToString overload

Dim theDate as DateTime = dr.item("date")

Secondly if the date is being stored as a string field in the database (you should not do this but you may have no control over this) it should be in a specific format, so you can use ParseExact to convert this into a date:

Dim dateString As String
dateString = DateTime.ParseExact(dr.item("Date"), "dd-MMM-yy HH:mm:ss.f", CultureInfo.CurrentCulture)

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