Determine if word from alteration list exists and set next condition accordingly

A not-so-clear title, I know...

Here is what I'm looking for in RegEx (C#): I have two alteration lists, say (aa|bb) & (xx|yy). I want to set the second list's prefix according to the whether there is an item from the first list before it.

For example, if there is a string from the first list, then the second list should be prefixed by j or p.

If not - it should be prefixed by o or t.

Some samples:

aa jxx <- Match
aa pyy <- Match
bb nxx <- Does not match
oxx <- Match
jxx <- Does not match

How can I achieve that in RegEx?



Try this :


Demo :

Hint : All I did was to "translate" your specification into regex. :-)

Try this one:


Basically it has two main regex condition separated by a pipe(|). ((aa|bb)\s+[jp](xx|yy)) and ([ot](xx|yy))

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