Superscript in TextBlock WinRT

I have a TextBlock and the Text is read from a .json file. In this text there is some O(n^3/4) which I want to replace with the proper superscript version of it. Is there a way to do it, not in XAML?


Typography.Variants allows you to specify text formatting as super/sub-script. The documentation shows how to achieve it with Runs in a Paragraph of a rich text box, but you can also do that in Inlines of a TextBlock.

Need Your Help

In XPath notation, how does the expression //*[self::SOME_LABEL] differ from //SOME_LABEL?

xml xslt xpath transformation

At work, I am updating some XSLT transformation code, and in some places a previous programmer used the former expression to retrieve the value of an element named SOME_LABEL from an XML document.

Extract text between two tags using regex in Ruby

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Let say I have this string which contains html a tag: