Why does ClassLoader.loadClass ALWAYS throw ClassNotFoundException in android?

Take a look at:

    Context contxt  = createPackageContext("com.exam.provider", CONTEXT_IGNORE_SECURITY); // I know, the package must be (and IS) already installed ;-)

    ClassLoader loader = contxt.getClassLoader();
    loader.loadClass("com.exam.provider.MyGestureOverlayView"); // I'm sure this class DOES exist in "com.exam.provider"

But this code always throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. Also note that both android applications share the same user id via:


I am completely frustrated. Any idea?


Your code works fine, for me, if I just add the CONTEXT_INCLUDE_CODE flag in the call to createPackageContext.

Is the error at compile-time or run-time

'ClassNotFoundException' here may be because the package is not found at runtime. {after successful compilation}

Uninstalling the app from the device or emulator first solved this problem for me.

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