Failing to compile avr-libc sources on Ubuntu 13

I have been following the instructions here to compile an avr cross compiler toolchain on my x86 PC. I had to do some searching on the step for compiling gcc because it was complaining about some missing dependencies, turns out there was a a script I could just run which downloaded the pre-requisites.

Now however, I am stuck on the step where I'm supposed to compile avr-libc. I get this error:

blah@blah-computer:~/avr/avr-libc-1.8.0$ ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX --build='./config.guess' --host=avr
checking build system type... Invalid configuration `./config.guess': machine `./config.guess' not recognized
configure: error: /bin/bash ./config.sub ./config.guess failed

From my googling of this problem, it seems there might be something wrong with my installation of autotools, and I actually remember seeing some warning about autotools when I was compiling gcc but as far as I could tell that step was actually successful.

Could anybody give me a good quick explanation of what autotools is and maybe help me fix my problem?


I don't see why you would need to specify --build at all. Just set the environment variable: CC=avr-gcc (the AVR cross compiler), and use --prefix=... and --host=avr as before. AVR-libc will set the CFLAGS to the 'best' values as it builds each ISA version in the multi-lib.

However, if you want to specify --build, use the backtick characters rather than the single-quote characters to execute the script: --build=`./config.guess`

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