from wikipedia title to freebase mid

Is there a way to map Wikipedia title link to Freebase mids?

For example, wikipedia titles are:

From_Russia_with_Love_(film), John_Barry_(composer), Lionel_Bart, Matt_Monro

 [{ "mid": null, "id": "/en/matt_monro" }]

It works for titles like "Matt_Monro", "Lionel_Bart", but not "from_russia_with_love_(film)" or "john_barry_(composer)"

Any suggestions please?


The correct key to use is /wikipedia/en_title/Matt_Monro. There's no guarantee that /en/matt_monro points the same place (and newer topics don't have keys in the `/en' namespace).

The Wikipedia titles which contain special characters, they need to be encoded using Freebase's key escaping scheme For your first example, the key would be /wikipedia/en_title/From_Russia_with_Love_$0028film$0029

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