.NET Framework text encoding

When .NET controls receive input from the keyboard and I output the code to a file (stream-write to it), is the content encoded in UTF-16 (Windows's default)? What about when I copy text from a UTF-32 database into .NET text controls, what is the result?


I realise now that everything in the .NET Framework is in UTF-16 unless otherwise explicitly converted.

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Change border thickness of textInput in error state in Flex?

apache-flex border thickness

I know you can change the errorColor of a textinput, but I'm searching for the possibility to change the thickness of that border on error.

Posting to Facebook through a Multi user Saas


Developing a CRM Saas that will allow for user to sign in and manage their clients. What I would like to offer them is the ability to post comments from our CRM to their Facebook wall. Either in a