Best method to load bitmaps in a multi-activity app

I am developing my first android game, it includes a considerable amount of bitmaps. Everything was totally fine until I decided to add a "main activity" to my app that sits behind the game activity.


[Game Activity] --> SurfaceView --> init (loading bitmaps) --> starting the game


[Main Activity] --> (user needs to click on "PLAY" button) -->...
[Game Activity] --> SurfaceView --> init (loading bitmaps) --> starting the game

Here is the problem. Every time the user clicks on PLAY button, a new instance of Game Activity is created and it has to go through the "init" and load the bitmaps all over again... EDIT: for example, if during the game user presses the back button.

Clearly, this is a poorly design architecture. Would anyone be able to suggest a more efficient way?


Use a static class to store your bitmaps, call the load() method when your game firsts starts (maybe during a splash screen), this method also ensures you only ever load each bitmap into memory once.

For example:

public class Art {

    public static Bitmap enemy;
    public static Bitmap player;

    public static void load () {
        enemy = loadBitmap('enemy.png');
        player = loadBitmap('player.png');

    private static Bitmap loadBitmap(String filename) {
        //create and return bitmap here


Then when you create a game object you can just call Art.player to get your player image.

And maybe, you shouldn't be using two Activities but just move around layouts when the user hits play.

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