Periodically invoking of c# application using job in SQL server

I want to invoke a c# application based on SQL server database. I have name's column in database. I want to check if there is any name present in the database then every after 1 hr my C# application should get invoked. I am asked to use a "job" concept in SQL server. Is it possible to perform this operation?


Job schedules are designed to do maintenance staffs. They actually do something periodicall, but the things they do is about backups, running T-SQL jobs, CleanUp and etc. I don't think doing this by an SQL job agent be a good solution.

If you want to check db in a constant interval, then you could simply write an intermediate app (windows service or a console App) and check your db changes every 1 hr. If your desired changes happened then invoke your C# application.

You could call a windows application using a shell. You could do it in an SQL server job or in a trigger.

Hope I helped!

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