How to limit subnodes from each nodes Neo4j Cypher

I am new to Neo4j,I have the following situation

In the above diagram represented a node with label user with sub-nodes having label shops. Each of these sub-nodes have sub-nodes with label items. Each node items has attribute size and the items node is in descending order by size attribute for each node shops as represented in the figure.


I want to get two items node whose size is less than or equal to 17 from each shops . How to do that? I tried, but its not working the way I need

Here is what I have tried

match (a:user{id:20000})-[:follows]-(b:shops)
with b
match (b)-[:next*]->(c:items)
where c.size<=17
return b
limit 2

Note- These shops node can have thousands of items nodes. So how to find the desired nodes without traversing all thousands of items nodes. Please help , thanks in advance.


Right now Cypher does not handle this case well enough, I would probably do a java based unmanaged extension for this.

It would look like this:

public List<Node> findItems(Node shop, int size, int count) {
   List<Node> results=new ArrayList<>(count);
   Node item = shop.getSingleRelationship(OUTGOING, "next").getEndNode();
   while (item.getProperty("size") > size && results.size() < count) {
       if (item.getProperty("size") <= size) result.add(item);
       item = item.getSingleRelationship(OUTGOING, "next").getEndNode();
   return result;

List<Node> results=new ArrayList<>(count*10);
for (Relationship rel = user.getRelationships(OUTGOING,"follows")) {
   Node shop = rel.getEndNode();

You can avoid having to traverse all items of each shop by grouping them according to size. In this approach, your graph looks like this

(:User)-[:follows]-(:Shop)-[:sells]-(:Category {size: 17})-[:next]-(:Item)

You could then find two items per shop using

match (a:User {id: 20000})-[:follows]-(s:Shop)-[:sells]-(c:Category)
where c.size <= 17
with *
match p = (c)-[:next*0..2]-()
with s, collect(tail(nodes(p))) AS allCatItems
return s, reduce(shopItems=allCatItems[..0], catItems in allCatItems | shopItems + catItems)[..2]

shopItems=allCatItems[..0] is a workaround for a type checking problem, this essentially initializes shopItems to be an empty Collection of nodes.

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