Mysql Update +1 not working on live server

Am using my local machine to develop my websites. I am currently working on a script o jail content scrappers and ban them later on.

I am dealing with the follow 'strange' mysql update situation.

By trying to update the counter to set the current int + 1, It wont happen and the same records is inserted as a new record.

When I run the exactly same query on my local machine (even with multiply fast requests) It count's like it supposed to be.

Could it be the scrapper with same ip is requesting pages faster than mySQL can write away the queries so they will be in a kind of queue?

Some one some good advice to treat this well?

Some more code:

// Check if ip exists
        $sql = $this->dbConnection->prepare("SELECT * FROM $this->table WHERE ipv4 = '$this->ipv4'");

        $data = $sql->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);

        if ($data) {
            // Update counter ip
            $sql = $this->dbConnection->prepare("UPDATE $this->table SET counter = counter+1 WHERE ipv4 = '$data->ipv4'");

        } else {

            // Insert new ip
            $ip2long = ip2long($this->ip);
            $sql = $this->dbConnection->prepare("INSERT INTO $this->table (ip, ipv4, referer, useragent) VALUES ('$ip2long', '$this->ip', '$this->referer', '$this->userAgent')");


Try an INSERT INTO ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE counter = counter+1 query instead.

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