following a tutorial notfoundhttpexception

i am pretty new to framework and laravel in general, im struggling to learn laravel, and i have found this book.

I hope is a good start. (usually i coded in php and html)

I have a problem following the basic tutorial (:/ not a good start lol)


Route::post('contact', function()

$data = Input::all();
$rules = array(
'subject' => 'required',
'message' => 'required'
$validator = Validator::make($data, $rules);

 if($validator->fails()) {
 return Redirect::to('contact')->withErrors($validator)->withInput();
 return 'Your message has been sent';


Route::get('/', function()
return View::make('home');
Route::get('about', function()
return View::make('about');


<h1>Contact Us.</h1>
<p>Please contact us by sending a message using the form below:</p>
{{ HTML::ul($errors->all(), array('class'=>'errors'))}}

{{ Form::open(array('url' => 'contact')) }}
{{ Form::label('Subject') }}
{{ Form::text('subject','Enter your subject') }}
<br />
{{ Form::label('Message') }}
{{ Form::textarea('message','Enter your message') }}
<br />
{{ Form::submit() }}
{{ Form::close() }}

THe other pages works well


You need another route to display the contact form page

Route::get('contact', function() {

    return View::make('contact');


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