IOS Box2d version 2.1 DebugDraw not working

I am new to box2d, i have to deal with the Physics Engine. i am creating fixtures and Physics body and set position. Now i want to view physical objects in Debug Mode. i have visited many forums and tried code, but no luck.

i am using the following code after creating my world

    m_debugDraw = new GLESDebugDraw( PTM_RATIO );
    uint32 flags = 0;
    flags += b2Draw::e_shapeBit;
    flags += b2Draw::e_jointBit;
    flags += b2Draw::e_aabbBit;
    flags += b2Draw::e_pairBit;
    flags += b2Draw::e_centerOfMassBit;

and also override the Draw method and included GLES_Render.h as well. there are no compile errors but Physics objects in debug mode are not showing.

-(void) draw
    [super draw];
    ccGLEnableVertexAttribs( kCCVertexAttribFlag_Position );

how to enable Debug Draw using cocos2d/Box2d version 2.1 OR is there any alternate way to view physics objects ?



You should use GLESDebugDraw when determining flags:

uint32 flags = 0;

flags += GLESDebugDraw::e_shapeBit;
flags += GLESDebugDraw::e_jointBit;

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