OCR for Equations using Tesseract for iOS

I'm developing an app for iOS that uses tesseract to convert a photographed image of an equation into text, so that it can then be solved. It will be something like what is in this tutorial: http://blog.ayoungprogrammer.com/2013/01/equation-ocr-part-1-using-contours-to.html

I know that this concept works on Windows using OpenCV and tesseract, but I would like to have this on iOS. I'm not very familiar with C++ and am trying to use OpenCV and tesseract on iOS.

There has already been a question on this: OCR for Equations and Formulae on the iOS Platform (Xcode) , but I know that it is indeed possible and not super ambitious, as it works on Windows.

I also believe that both OpenCV and Tesseract are supported on iOS, so there MUST be a way to get equation detection to work on iOS too.

Thanks in advance!


There are numerous ways of going about doing this, I've tinkered quite a bit myself on similar things and have gotten them to work for very specific conditions. As far as I can tell there is a tesseract that is made for equations and math in general. Tesseract for math and equations

And here is a link to an open source project that has a working iOS tesseract Pocket-OCR And here is the openCV framework for iOS openCV for iOS

If that's the route you want to go those links should get you up and running.

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