How to create a paginated grid where all data is google indexable?

What's a good technique to creating a paginated HTML/js/jQuery data grid where each page is easily crawl-able by google?

I know I need to start out with an HTML grid and then use progressive enhancement to turn it into something with javascript (once the page is loaded, then something like jqgrid's tableToGrid or kendo UI grid's initialization from table will update the HTML to a nice javascript grid). So I'm comfortable knowing the first page of the grid can be read by google, since it's loaded in HTML first. But what about the pagination? Do I need to load a paginated HTML set of links, then hide those page numbers once the progressive enhancement loads the javascript grid? And how do I ensure google will scan each page of the paginated links? (consider that in typical paginated links, only so many page numbers are shown along with a "next page" or "previous page" link).

Also note, each page on the grid will be represented with a &page parameter in the URL. However, I don't want to simply rely on sites from around the web directly linking to pages for google to index the data. Can I not have google be aware of all the pages without waiting for others to directly link to each page?


Easily crawl-able is up to the content. But if you're worried by Google finding the pages try adding them to the sitemap. Also if you have your "Next ->" button and/or pagination links to specific pages in a way that your users will find them easily Google will too.

For anyone looking for a successful progressive enhancement (SEO friendly) solution, I ended up using jqgrid (Jqgrid & progressive enhancement: Successfully progresses from HTML, to local JSON, to remote JSON, but pager doesn't start correctly?) and I also insert an HTML version of paging so that search engines can follow the links and retrieve additional data as well.

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