Styling a post-link form inline

In my app I have situations where I need to use what I and some frameworks call a "post-link". Basically a link that might be used to delete (or post) data with it and as such must actually be a a form.

I'm using bootstrap as my base css and have assigned the link class to the submit button to give it a link appearance. When using in a table with another, ordinary, <a> tag next to it I can't seem to get the two links to align alongside each other, no matter how wide I make the viewport or table cell.

Here is a fiddle to demonstrate: I'm referring to the pencil and cross icons as my normal link and post-link.

Any ideas how I can get them to align side-by-side?


You either need to define a width for the td or use this. I gave the div in the td a class .lol


            <div class="btn-toolbar inline lol">BLAH BLAH</div>

.lol *{
.lol .btn{

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