Issue with speedometer highcharts dynamically update guage range

I have a use case where I need to modify the Guage range dynamically, but when I do this my highcharts graph behaves weirdly and the range goes out of bounds. Please look at the image below

This happens only after the 7th iteration (value is 0.007). You can find my code on jsfiddle at

My Highcharts Speedometer Code (jsfiddle)

Can someone help me how to resolve this issue?


On each iteration, you are adding a new plotBand, but not removing the old ones:

    id: 'red',
    from: newVal - 0.005,
    to: newVal - 0.001,
    color: '#DF5353' // red
    id: 'green',
    from: newVal - 0.001,
    to: newVal + 0.005,
    color: '#55BF3B' //green

Updated fiddle.

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