OpenCV CvSVM.predict() decision function value

I am training images with Bag of Words. However, every time I change the condition value in if statement or the sign, e.g. from if(response<0) to if(response>0) or from if(response<-1) to if(response<-0.5) I get different results results.push_back(response). I could not figure out why this happens. I only change the condition, that's it. Please, help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.

int i, j;
        Mat ROI = img(Rect(i, j, w, h)); 
        if ({
        Mat bowDescriptor2;
        std::cout<<"SVM predicting..."<<std::endl;
        float response = svm.predict(bowDescriptor2,1); 
            static CvScalar RED = {0, 0, 255};
            rectangle(img, Point(i,j), Point(i+w,j+h), RED, 3, 8, 0);
            cvNamedWindow( "result", 1 );
            imshow( "result", img );




I found out where I made the mistake. The problem was that I could not use the same image as an input here rectangle(img, Point(i,j), Point(i+w,j+h), RED, 3, 8, 0). Therefore, I read the image and defined it img as well as img2 and then I replaced img with img2 in rectangle.

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