Writing data to a txt file file using java classes

I am trying to understand why my code is not writing the output to the textfile as I expect it to work. My program takes a filename as a command line argument, and prints some text to the file as well as the screen. It is a bit more complicated since it uses classes and objects to demonstrate how objects work. Can anyone help decipher why it is not writing to the file? Here's my code:-

public class Mamoonp3test {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

        //Create array of 10 guitar (Mamoonp3) objects
        final int NUMBER_OF_INSTANCES = 10;
        Mamoonp3[] objectNames = new Mamoonp3[NUMBER_OF_INSTANCES];

            String fileName = new String(args[0]);

            for(int i=0; i<NUMBER_OF_INSTANCES; i++) {
                objectNames[i] = new Mamoonp3(FileName);
                System.out.println("This is guitar number: " + i);
        catch (Exception e)
            System.out.println("please provide an input file");
            System.out.println("Usage: java Mamoonp3test filename.txt");


import java.io.*;

public class Mamoonp3 {

    final int NUMBER_OF_STRINGS = 6;
    char[] stringNames = {'E','A','D','G','B','E'};
    int[] stringNumbers = {6,5,4,3,2,1};
    String[] stringPitch = {"Sixth","Fifth","Fourth","Third","Second","First"};

    boolean isTuned;
    boolean isPlaying;
    String stringAcronym = new String("Even After Dinner Giant Boys Eat");

    //create a PrintWriter for output
    PrintWriter output;

    public Mamoonp3(String fileName) throws Exception{
        isTuned = false;
        isPlaying = false;
        // create target file
        File targetFile = new File(fileName);
        //create a PrintWriter for output
        output = new PrintWriter(targetFile);

    public void tuneGuitar() {
        System.out.println("The guitar is now tuned.");
        for (int i=0; i<NUMBER_OF_STRINGS; i++) {
            System.out.println(stringNames[i] + " is string number " + stringNumbers[i] + " and ranked " + stringPitch[i] + " in pitch");
            output.print(stringNames[i] + " is string number " + stringNumbers[i] + " and ranked " + stringPitch[i] + " in pitch");

    public void playGuitar() {
        System.out.println("The guitar is now playing.");
        output.print("The guitar is now playing.");

    public void stopGuitar() {
        System.out.println("The guitar is now stoped.");
        output.print("The guitar is now stoped.");

    public void displayAcronym() {
        System.out.println("Always remember your string names!");
        System.out.println("Heres a reminder: " + stringAcronym);
        output.print("Always remember your string names!");
        output.print("Heres a reminder: " + stringAcronym);



You're setting the File of an object that you then do nothing with, that you're not writing with,

Mamoonp3 newObject = new Mamoonp3(fileName);

... and not setting the File in objects that you try to write with. Check which constructors you are using: every Manoop3 object created in the for loop. To see that this is so, check which constructors you're using

I suggest that you change your approach entirely.

  • Get all file input and output out of your Mamoonp3 class.
  • Instead, that class should concern itself with representing the state of the musical instrument, and nothing else.
  • Give the class a decent toString() override method.
  • I & O should go elsewhere in a separate class of its own.
  • Give your I&O class a method that allows you to pass Mamoonp3 objects into it so that they can be written.
  • As an aside, you almost never would use new String(anything). Just use args[0].
  • Always close your PrintWriter when you are done writing. This is likely causing your error.


Possibly another way to solve this:

  • Create a PrintWriter object in the main method.
  • Give your Manoop3 class a PrintWriter field and a constructor that takes this PrintWriter and sets its field with it.
  • Write with the PrintWriter in Manoop3, but don't close it.
  • Then close the PrintWriter in the main method when all Manoop3 objects have completed their use of it.

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