How to call parameterized Index Action in mvc3?

public ActionResult Index(int id)
            List<tablename> lListsong = new List<tablename>();
            using (dbname dbcontext=new dbname ())
                lListsong = (from z in dbcontext.tablenamewhere z.SongId ==id select z).ToList();
            foreach (var Songchooesen in lListsong)
                ViewBag.selectedsong = Songchooesen.SongName.ToString();
            return View("Index");

This is my Action has been defined in ABCControllers and want to access this action by using url www.urlname/ABC/12 but it is not accessible. I have used concept of routing in mvc3. Please help me


You can try the following route,

    new { controller = "ABCController", action = "Index" }

Try this, create an action Link:

@Html.ActionLink("Add Related Data","Index",new { @id=12})

If this not work then create another action and use RedirectToAction to go into Index action

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